A clean lake reflects well on all of us.


Steps to Take

Individuals can participate in the revitalization of Onondaga Lake by practicing sound environmental measures in their homes and businesses in the lake's watershed.

In the Yard and Garage

If you live in Syracuse or other areas around Onondaga Lake, anything you dump or throw on the ground or in the street can end up in Onondaga Lake!

You can do the following at home to reduce pollution of the lake:

And in agricultural settings, individuals can adopt farming practices which reduce erosion and runoff containing fertilizers, pesticides and animal waste.

Onondaga County has developed additional information on pollution control practices. Click here.

Water Conservation at Home and at Work

You can also assist the revitalization of the lake by practicing sound environmental practices such as water conservation at home and at work. It is estimated that 30-50% of the water supply used in the United States is wasted. Some water is wasted through disposal as wastewater and some is lost in the water pipe transport system before it gets to its distribution points. Fixing leaky faucets and other running fixtures in homes and businesses will prevent thousands of gallons of drinking water from at wastewater treatment facilities. In Syracuse and Onondaga County, water conservation could assist in reducing the amount of flow going to Metro for treatment.

Other water conservation measures include: