Norton Security Antivirus Review for Windows 10

Norton Security Antivirus Review

Norton provides a good collection of security tools and is considered as a leading antivirus solution. Norton powered by Symantec has been in the market since 1991 and is well-known for providing a 360-degree antivirus solution. Norton runs over multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.

Norton Windows 10 Antivirus Review

Norton is packaged with multiple online security tools that cater to different security requirements. The Norton Security Premium also includes cloud backup tools. Norton is the only antivirus brand that has been awarded the Editor’s choice the most number of times.

While this sounds great, let us check more details about Norton and evaluate the different features available in Norton.

  1. Features: Norton has several products catering to different security needs. Some of the Norton products have a 30-day free trial. Products such as Norton Antivirus plus, Norton Security Standard, Norton Security Deluxe, Norton Security Premium do not have a free trial whereas Norton Family Premium, Norton Mobile Antivirus for Android provides a free trial.

Norton Security antivirus has the below-mentioned features:

  1. Real-time antivirus protection
  2. Manual scanning
  3. Scheduled scanning
  4. Anti-malware protection
  5. Anti-phishing and anti-spam protection
  6. Firewall

Norton optimizes device performance and removes most listed viruses.

  1. Security: Norton provides reliable and secure services. It lets you manage your device protection and eliminates ransomware, viruses, and similar such programs. Norton has a well-populated database list for cybersecurity threats.

It has inbuilt proactive remediation support that allows you to be even secure from zero-day attacks. Norton has inbuilt features to prevent spyware, Adware, Ransomware and similar such vulnerabilities.

Norton can detect phishing attacks as well. Its built-in SONAR feature keeps a close watch on programs running on the device. This way, Norton identifies offending virus programs and blacklists it. In case Norton is disabled beyond a specific time, then the antivirus provides auto alerts.

Norton provides a 100% guarantee to remove viruses from devices, and this also includes a money-back guarantee in case your device is compromised. It offers a two-way firewall to protecting inbound as well as outbound traffic. Norton 360 provides an all in one security solution for tools, identity protection, and online privacy.

  1. Customer Support: Norton offers excellent customer support. The official website has resource guides to explain about the antivirus and other features it can offer. You can reach customer support over call or tickets or live chat.

Norton has a good set of FAQs to provide answers to common queries and a series of tutorials explaining the download and set up for the antivirus. In case more help is needed, then Norton has community support.

  1. Pricing: Different Norton antiviruses have different pricing. Norton Antivirus essential is suitable for 1 PC.
  2. Norton Security Standard works over 1 PC/Mac or mobile device. Norton security deluxe supports up to 5 devices. Norton security premium supports up to 10 devices.

The plans start at $39.99/year. However, the renewal happens at a slightly higher rate.

  1. Ease of Usage: Norton is simple to install and setup. This is almost self-explanatory, and in case you need help, then there are ample of useful resources. Norton has an easy to use dashboard that lets users manage the antivirus features such as scheduled scan, backup, advanced settings, and similar functionalities.

Norton, on the whole, is one of the top-performing antiviruses. While this has a basic antivirus, it also has several advanced cybersecurity enabled features. Such features provide complete protection and safeguard online privacy. Next, we will check how we can download Norton Security antivirus for Windows 10.

This can be quickly done from the website by going to Free Trials.

In case you avail of the free trial or a paid subscription, you would receive a product key. Over the website, you will find the link to download and install Norton. From here, you can download and set up the product you choose to install. Here you can use the product key to complete the installation.