Famous Shooting Locations Near Water In The World

From the Golden Age of Cinema to a sudden shift to the great present, cinema has come a long way, and from black and white to color, directors have given their movies an edge by recreating scenes in the most spectacular spots worldwide.

The epicenter of all movies are always the location as the viewers will be found drooling over the lush green moors, or the burgundy trees in fall. A question that always strikes us is whether or not a studio has been duping us all this while or a Heaven on Earth exists. Runway studios have been a source of all the great Hollywood movies and the age-old classics were filmed mostly in a confined territory. But, the same cannot be said for today, as the survival of the fittest comes into play, each director surpasses the other and incorporates scenic beauty in the roll.

The Five Best Movie Shooting Locations Near Water


A stickler for romance? This might not be the best place to shoot a lucid love affair, but one cannot deny the picturesque views you witnessed in Fifty Shades of Grey as Vancouver was passed on as Seattle. If each time Mr. Grey ‘chained’ you down on your seat oohing and aahing at the scenes, the place is charming and breathtaking.

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New Zealand

Be it Narnia and the lush green meadows that overlooked sky-scraping mountains or the Lord of the Rings Trilogy showcasing the valleys and dense forests, the Kiwi capital has taken a new turn as filmmakers now head here for a more beautiful and aesthetic meal for the eyes.

Cape Town
Movie Shooting Near Water Cape Town
‘Ryans Daughter’ took shelter on the sunny shores of Cape Town when Ireland was foul play. The local craftsmen in South Africa and the local culture have been imbibed in a lot of film as a source of recreation or used as a shift from the average mountainous or royal scenes for a more simple and realistic effect. Filmmakers vouch for Cape Town and would never look further for a more ‘sun-kissed’ film.


London has been the city of dreams and why not? It is also the capital destination for all movie makers to take refuge in for shooting The night Rises and so many other classics that never grow old. The Broadgate Tower that was standing tall as the Shanghai skyscraper was also resting on the London lands. With the architectural capital and the gray and gloomy weather adding to the morose nature of most dramatic movies, London will always be one of the finest destinations for cinema.

Budding filmmakers and the like have always incorporated a lot of scenic beauty in the film. As the landscape is what we associate the movies with and more often than not, more than the star cast, it is the star location that adds the zing to the movies. And escalates it on the top charts of ageless classics and gets etched in the viewer’s memories forever.