15 Best Water Based Horror Movies You Should Watch

Water Based Horror Movies

As it is evident from the name, a water-based horror movie is a horror genre film that has most of its parts shot in the water. Here is a list of movies, not in any particular ranking order, that are considered the best water based horror movies to date.

Water Based Horror Movies

Among the many greatest lakes around the world, there are very few which are in the notice. So, filmmakers have made pictures covering all of them. Here is the list of movies about lakes (they too belong to the Thriller genre). They’re available to watch on the Hulu app. So, let’s go ahead.

1) Jaws (1975)

There is suspense and tension building in this movie, and there is involvement of a shark for the essence of horror. One of the most frightening films ever directed.

2) Open Water (2003)

This movie is all about being alone and stranded in the water. The tension is added by the fear of starvation or being eaten up by the sharks of the sea. This one is a 100% pure water based horror movie.

3) Piranha (1978)

Centered around lake fun, this picture focuses on creatures called vixens present in the sea who feed on man. This movie is a classic!

4) Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Another 100% water based horror movie, this is one of the better shark movies that have been. CGI sharks create fear in the film; also, the strong cast adds to the fame earned.

5) Below (2002)

The storyline being solid, it came as a surprise for the viewers. It is basically a typical ghost story set up within a submarine, aging back to 1943.

6) Sphere (1998)

This one can be said to be a sci-fi and horror hybrid. The use of great VFX and the thrill developed with the plot makes the movie worth watching. Also, unexpected plot twists add to the interest of the viewers.

7) Leviathan (1989)

This is a monster classic, water based. It is considered one of the most productive deep-sea horror movies despite not using any new technologies.

Few More Thriller Films On Water

8) Black Water (2007)

In this film, all that is shown is that the lead actors are stuck in swamps of Northern Australia where they treat not only starvation but also being eaten up by crocodiles. It is a tale of survival in the swamps, with just trees around and minimal odds of getting out of there alive.

9) Deep Rising (1998)

CGI has been used in this movie to animate deep-sea tentacle monsters. These monsters, in the film, attack a lost ship that has been acquired by hijackers. The action of the movie is what it is liked by the viewers.

10) Anaconda (1997)

This is a snake movie but yes, water based because it involves suspense and thrill so that it includes the local river from where the anaconda pops out. Everyone is terrorized by this snake, and this movie is no less than a snake and a water thrill.

11) Triangle (2009)

This story is about a voyage by individual passengers on a yachting trip in the Atlantic Ocean, and unexpected adverse weather conditions strike them. People then jump to another ship but, instead of being safe, face more havoc. The complete movie is shot on the ships only.

12) Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (2009)

Loved by kids especially, this picture uses CGI to show the two animals in the movie, but a large part of the shooting is done on a set.

13) The Deep (1977)

Some vacationers are on a trip but then unexpectedly get wrecked into the Bermuda waters. The movie is shot, mostly all of it, in water and depicts the story of deepwater rides involving black magic.

14) Dagon (2001)

In this movie, people who have gathered sheltered under Lord Dagon take the form of fish- grow tentacles and other similar deformities. Water-based because of the fish factor only.

15) Ghost Ship (2002)

People on a ship experience paranormal activities. This movie was not that scary but still managed to entertain viewers. Said to be related to a film of 1952 with the same name.