AM/FM Portable Radios

The radio is a beautiful invention that plays music and songs that enable you to give flight to your imagination, relive memories, and feel upbeat.

Despite the advent of audiobooks and streaming services, AM and FM radio stations continue to be very popular among listeners.

Using a portable radio, you can tune into your favorite music from any place. In this article, we detail the main features of the market’s top AM/FM portable radios to enable you to make an educated choice.

AM FM Portable Radios For Home

Factors to Consider While Buying AM/FM Portable Radios

You should analyze the following elements while selecting an appropriate portable radio for your needs:

AM/FM Radio Power Source

Most portable radios offer options for AC adaptors or cords and batteries. Advanced devices even offer solar and USB port options. The latter allows you to play MP3 songs via the radio’s speakers. Long battery life allows you to hear uninterrupted music for a reasonable time.

AM/FM Radio: Digital or Analog

Digital radio filters background noise and offers better signals. It also provides access to enhanced coverage. Most digital radios also accommodate analog channels. A minus point about analog radios is they may find it challenging to get clear signals in remote areas.

Sound Quality of AM/FM Radio

A portable AM/FM radio with a mono speaker can deliver good sound. For stereo sound, you need a bigger unit which can affect portability.


DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) can provide a better listening experience than FM/AM channels. But AM/FM stations are popular among most fans even today.

AM/FM Portable Radios Worth Buying

Let’s now review the best AM/FM radio units available. Our list is in no particular order. 

1. Jimeng AM/FM Radio

Jimeng’s portable radio is high quality and comes with a black finish and an AM/FM tuner. It offers an extended antenna for improved reception even at remote points. You can choose from low or high-tone modes. Select the high tone mode to accentuate sounds at outdoor events or parties. The low tone is perfect for background sounds or personal leisure activities.

Because of the prominent, single speaker, every station has a clear and solid sound. There are no issues with fading, distortion, or static. This radio’s overall quality and tone are top-notch. The analog tuner picks up accurate broadcasts. The large knob simplifies tuning. Since this radio does not have digital features, it has long battery life. You can also plug it into an AC power outlet if you prefer.

2. Retekess TR604 AM/FM Radio

Retekess’s TR604 is a conventional transistor with simple features and analog tuning. The dial has a classic style and is simple to read.

You can use it as a DPS radio to reach many more stations. The radio offers top-rate sound, and you can increase the volume without impacting tone clarity or quality.

It offers a 3.5-inch speaker with the option of a treble tone or bass drive. FM stations deliver powerful sound.

The Retekess portable radio looks excellent with an attractive black finish and comes with a headphone jack.

The device is small and easily portable, thanks to the convenient handle. Elders may especially prefer this radio because of its classic look and digital, modern features.

3. LYNEX Emergency Portable Radio

You can hand crank this LYNEX portable radio to get power during emergencies like storms, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. The 2000mAh rechargeable battery offers up to 6 hours of running time and 12 hours of illumination. This device can function as a weather radio as you can receive emergency news and weather forecasts from AM/FM and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) radio stations.

Other power options are USB and solar. This LYNEX radio is versatile, light, and trim. It can fit into your pocket and travels well. The unit offers multiple features for outdoor activities like backpacking and hiking. Two notable features are the SOS alarm and a powerful flashlight.

4. Sangean PR-D18BK  Digital Radio

The top features of this Sangean radio include a snooze function, a sleep timer, auto-seek stations, tuning steps, and ten preset stations (5 AM, 5 FM). There is also a 2-alarm timer; you can wake by buzzer or radio haws, a human wake system.

The Sangean PR-D18BK is an attractive, compact, lightweight, portable radio ideal for your bedside table or workspace.

The ten preset stations allow you to select your favorite channels easily. The retractable, long antenna facilitates good reception.

The single speaker delivers top-notch sound on FM stations. You need only four AA batteries to power this radio for a long time.

Its indicator for battery power status tells you when to stock up to continue to receive uninterrupted music. Alternatively, you can also plug into AC power.

5. Panasonic RF-2400D Portable Radio

This Panasonic portable radio guarantees excellent sound with its ferrite antenna and 10-cm speaker. It is a traditional, simple analog radio that gives you both AC and battery options for power. The big analog dial facilitates effortless scrolling, and there is also a headphone socket.

The Panasonic RF-2400D can easily tune into AM and FM stations even if the antenna is not used. It is an analog radio, making it challenging to receive standard digital channels.

You need to tune more accurately. Otherwise, you may face station crossovers. Overall, this radio is excellent for traditional users who prefer simple technology and do not need advanced digital features like Bluetooth.