Ford Retiree Benefits and MyFordBenefits Login Guide

MyFordBenefits Detailed guide.

With the growth in technological advancement, there is simplicity in access to information and data. MyFordBenefits website provides necessary information and guides about how to log in.

  • Login page helps you perform all the tasks and access Ford benefits services.
  • The webpage will guarantee you access to all the necessary steps in log in to
  • For the new users, the page will guide you on creating a new user on MyFordBenefits.Com.
  • Ford is under the fortune 500 companies. It is accessible to users across all countries.

The following are services available to Ford employees after logging in to the MyFordBenefits account.

  • Receiving current updates about the company
  • Employees can quickly save their employment history.
  • Employees can save their payment options.
  • Employees can immediately apply for the company’s benefits.
  • Employees can get helpful information about the company.

Log in to My Ford Benefits New User Registration

To register, you need an ID number (representing your social security number (SSN)) an initial PIN (same as your birth date). A help link will be sent to you for either your PIN or user ID. Once you receive your user ID or PIN, login, and follow the prompts.

You may change your user PIN or ID after you log in for the first time. The same PIN is a requirement for calling the NESC and logging into the MyFordBenefits website.

The procedure of account registration:

  • Get to your browser and visit MyFordBenefits Login Page at
  • Click on the NEW USER link.
  • Enter your identification details. They include the last four digits of your SSN and your date of birth.
  • Click on the continue button and finalize your account registration.

MyFordBenefits Login Guide

Step by step Login Guide to MyFordBenefits

  • You must possess a computer or laptop.
  • Get to MyFordBenefits official website.
  • Open your default app.
  • Get to the homepage of the website. Press the login button on the left.
  • On the new login page, click on select your account.
  • Enter your positive identity and user ID
  • Ensure all the main points are correct.
  • Press the login button to have access to your account.

Recovering your account Login password on MyFordBenefits

Did you forget your user ID? It is possible to reset your ID and Password. Follow the following guideline to recover your Login user ID and Password:

  • Log on to’s official website.
  • Select the appropriate option on any of the following: Forgot my user ID (if you do not remember your User ID), Forgot my PIN (for the case of PIN), or login help.
  • For your PIN reminder, enter your email to receive the PIN.
  • Click on the forgot your user ID on the email you will receive. Accurately complete the fields.
  • After receiving your user ID, go back to the login prompt. Enter your PIN and the user ID

Ford retiree benefits

The following are some of Ford’s retirement benefits.

The two medical plan options

Ford cares about its retirees. With an increase in medical care, Ford guarantees its retirees competitive medical care coverage. From the beginning of 1st January 2020, all the eligible premedical retirees can choose between the two available medical plans. These are the PPO 3600 +HAS and PPO 4000.

Decision support

Ford offers platforms and resources to make an informed decision while choosing your 2020 retiree medical plan.

Other Ford benefits

Ford has additional benefits for its retirees. The benefits include vision, dental, group legal, voluntary benefits, and life insurance.

MyFordBenefits login Retirees:

Below are the instructions for MyFordBenefits login Retirees.

  • Visit Sign in by entering your User ID and password.
  • On the home page, click on the enroll in your retiree health benefits tile.
  • The welcome page will appear. Click on the research and enroll.
  • On your benefit summary page, change or compare your benefits.
  • Choose Confirm choices once you are sure of your selection. Remember, the submission should be made within 31 days of the retirement date.
  • In case your profile has an email, a confirmation for your enrolment will be sent to you.
  • Immediately after receipt of the email, return to and confirm your selection.

What happens if you don’t enroll?

  • You will miss out on the 2020 medical coverage.
  • You will miss out on the dental 2020 coverage.
  • You miss out on the vision 2020 coverage.
  • You will out miss out on the group legal 2020 coverage.
  • You will remain on your current level of voluntary benefits coverage.

MyFordBenefits AXZ plan

You can save more with employee pricing using the AXZ plan. The new vehicle purchase plan, a component in the AXZ plan, offers the best savings found on the New Ford Motor company vehicle. Retirees, employees, and their closest relatives can have access to the program.

Employees and the Ford Motor company retirees get four individual PINs. They can share their PIN with their family members if they wish to purchase discounted vehicles.

Log in to the site with the username you used on your website. Some people may lack the necessary information. They may contact their sponsoring Ford employee or retiree for assistance.

Procedure for login

  • Get to your browser and visit the official Myfordbenefits website at
  • Key in your username and password.
  • Press the submit button.

To get assistance, call the national service center at 1-800-248-444. Representatives are available for the necessary support on Mondays to Fridays from 9 AM to 9 PM EST.